Virtual Central Service

The new generation telephone plant running with cloud technology (on the internet) is in your control!

Technical Support with Phone

Use with more than one number

Redirect to unlimited pocket or fixed number

Free interview between branches

Installation and management with user-friendly WebPortal interface

Using your current number and use with the new number

Usage independent of the venue from which the Internet is

All data and control with mobile application

Different robot operator voices in non-hours and special days

Virtual Central Service

The replacement of the old type of physical telephone power plants is the new generation telephone plant that operates over the internet with cloud technology, or even more of the central capabilities. It works completely over the internet. Communication, installation, maintenance and control is made of the only interface from you.

Feature of making multiple calls with one number and not playing busy

Detailed tracking with statistics and analysis sheets

SMS submission to customers at the end of interview with closing SMS system

To be able to list escaped calls

To be able to receive audio records

To be able to appeal with the name by recognizing your caller customers

Searching for lists with automatic search module

Office desktop, computer and mobile application by directing to mobile number or mobile number